Because StripIt knows you deserve the best with your latest project, whether it be your classic car, your restoration project, and your work trucks! StripIt will always deliver the best of the best for you using only the best of the best tools.

Automotive Blasting

automotive services

Doing body work on your car? Save time and money by choosing StripIt to blast away the rust, paint, and any other materials you might have on your vehicle. This is the safest way of striping your car from paint, rust, and more!

Parts Blasting

parts services

We specialize in blasting parts and elements of all types. If it’s metal and it needs to be stripped, consider the job done.

Industrial Blasting

industrial services

StripIt’s industrial blasting service will make your machines ready for new paint! Strip away that paint, rust, and corrosion with our service.

Restoration Blasting


StripIt specializes in restoration! Collect the classics and restore them rust free with brand new paint jobs. StripIt uses the best materials possible to get the job done just right and won’t damage your latest restoration project!

Marine Blasting

marine services

Boat owner? Then you know the hassle of barnacles, rust, or having to strip away paint. Worry not, StripIt has you covered and will blast the barnacles, rust, or faded paint off of your favorite boat.